This is the most up to date list of fees for attending the club and paying for membership. There can be quite a few expenses when getting started with a new activity, so we want to make the information clear, simple, and upfront!

Your first session

When you come along for your first session, to try it out, there is no fee to pay – your first session is free!

Thereafter, if you wish to continue, we ask that you join the club and pay both the club lifetime membership and the annual membership fee, so that we can arrange your BKK membership and your insurance and licence to train at the club. You can continue to pay weekly until the start of the next month, or you can pay pro-rata for the remaining portion of the current month.

Club attendance fees

We request that club members pay a monthly attendance fee where possible, entitling you to attend any/all of the sessions in a given calendar month. Paying monthly is tremendously helpful for the club, so that we can predict the income better, and can take care of the financial obligations more easily.

Please bring the attendance fee in cash at the start of each month, as we do not have a card processor. Alternatively, please contact us to ask for bank account details, to set up a direct bank transfer or standing order for the 1st of the month. If you set up a standing order, then the payments will happen automatically every month, and you won’t have to handle any cash!

If paying monthly is not feasible, then you can still pay for individual sessions. Needless to say, it is much better value to pay the monthly fee if you are able to attend more than once a week, and this will be good both for your wallet and for the club’s finances.

The fees are as follows:

Adults – all sessions£42 per month
Adults – up to 5 sessions per month£29 per month
(then just £7 on the day for any additional session you are able to attend)
Adults – pay as you go£9 per session
Juniors – all sessions£32 per month
Juniors – pay as you go£7 per session

Annual BKK membership fees

The British Karate Kyokushinkai organisation requires that you sign up for an annual membership once you decide to return for further training sessions. This is an insurance requirement; the rule is that we cannot have uninsured individuals training with us after an introductory session, and we can’t argue with our insurers.

Adults£42 for the first year
£39 for existing students
Juniors£28 for the first year
£25 for existing students

The licence and insurance cover runs from 1st May until 30th April every year, regardless of when you join. However, if you join part-way through the year, your licence fee will be discounted accordingly.

Once your membership has been processed, you will receive a licence booklet, a membership card, and an attendance booklet – you should bring these documents with you to the club every week.

Lifetime club membership fee

To help with club funds, we request a single, one-off membership fee to be part of our club. This is separate from the BKK membership fee and it is not an annual cost – you pay it once, upon joining our club, and that is that.

Adults£25 for lifetime membership
Juniors£15 for lifetime membership

We use this fee to purchase the equipment that is available for use within the club, such as focus pads, kick shields, and other training aids.

Club grading fees

The club runs regular grading events throughout the year. If you are ready to grade up to the next belt, the instructor will make sure you know in advance. The upcoming grading dates are available on the dates page.

When you attend a grading, there is the usual attendance fee there are additional costs, so that BKK can register your new grade and issue your certificate. These additional fees are as follows:

Attendance fee(your usual attendance fee)
Grading fee
(10th kyu to 3rd kyu)
£15 for standard grading
£20 for jump grading
Grading fee
(2nd kyu)
Grading fee
(1st kyu)

Why not get in touch and see about coming along for a session? We’d love to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

Your first class is free of charge.

Lowton Karate Kyokushinkai

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Would you like to come along and give it a try, or do you have any questions?

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